Sancerre 2009, Les Baronnes, Domaine Henri Bourgeois

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Sancerre位於Loire valley邊, 以石灰碎石泥為主, 而其白酒是100% SAUVIGNON BLANC. 之前試過HENRI BOURGEOIS 2008年的SANCERRE, 非常優異! 清爽又不失其複雜性, 舌尖橘子香甜, 變成礦物味, 而優雅的酸由舌根開始前推到舌尖! 非常特別.. 而對弟弟2009年的期待很高, 因而有些許失望.. 如果2008年是高雅有內涵的貴族少婦, 2009年就是天真未見世面的少女! 或許再放久一點點會比較突出! (SANCERRE適飲期約1~3年左右)

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Color: pale greenish yellow

Smell: wet grass, with alcoholic lime

Taste: Lime, with medium salty and acidity. Short lasting with little spicy.


Grape variety :
Sauvignon Blanc

Age of the vines :
20 to 40 years

Terroir :

Vinification :

The hills and ridges separating the village of Chavignol from Sancerre are composed of clay and limestone chalk (65% clay and 35% chalk). “Les Baronnes" comes from this terroir so long planted with vines.
Fermentation in thermoregulated stainless steel tanks at 15 – 18°c then oak-aging for 5 months on its fine lees preserves the aromatic potential of this fine wine.

Tasting :

“Les Baronnes" is a wine of exotic fruit and citrus aromas; subtle yet powerful. Its persistence and harmony find their origin in the exposition and quality of the terroir.

4Caillottes (pebbly limestone soils) are composed primarily of chalk with a very small amount of earth. Grapes grown on these soils produce very aromatic wines with floral, fruity, boxwood and citrus notes. Soft when young, they are lively and often the first wines of the vintage ready to drink.


2009年以酸來表現, 以lime為主, 建議溫度 8-10度.



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