Barbera d’Alba Piana 2004, Ceretto (巴貝拉紅酒, Italy)


第一次接觸意大利紅酒, 對於意大利成千上萬的葡萄品種真是很陌生.


Color: Purple dark red

Smell: Cherry, and other red berries with sweety floral honey. Hint of blackcurrant and oak smell.

Taste: Plain, not obvious tannis. Lasting with medium spicy and alocholic, fine acidity at the outer border of tongue.

這一瓶酒很平, 前味非常薄. 到舌頭中後方爆出spicy與酒精的嗆辣, 不至於突兀, 但亦非非常柔順, 感覺不到太多tannin或fruit的味道. 總括來說只是一般table wine, 未到一口接一口的美味程度, 但亦不會令你口腔或胃部不舒服的酒, 較適合配合餐點.

Location: Alba (CN)
Hectares (estate-owned): 3
Altitude: 300m a.s.l.
Facing: south
Soil: 50% clay, 40% silt, 10% sand; pH 8.05
Year of planting: 1969
Grape-variety: Barbera
Stock: Kober 5BB, Rupestris du-lot
Plants per hectare: 4300
Buds per hectare: 38000
1st year of production: 1969
Classic floating-cap fermentation, with frequent daily pumpings of the must over the cap, alternated with racking and returning. The contact with the skins normally extends over around ten days. Drawing off is followed immediately by the malolactic fermentation and after a few months in steel the wine is bottled to preserve the explosive fragrance of its youth.
On ageing its ruby-red color takes on elegant garnet highlights; its characteristic vinous nose becomes ethereal to the point of being vaguely reminiscent of the bouquet of Barolo. Punch and stuffing bring out its great body.
Pairing suggestions: cured meats appetizers and traditional pasta/rice dishes.


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