Puligny Montrachet 2003, Louis Latour

Louis Latour, Puligny Montrachet 2003, Burgundy, France.

Appellation Puligny-Montrachet Controlee


Region: Cote de Beaune (上圖偏下方)

Grape: Chardonnay

Soil: Limestone (石灰石) and scree (岩屑堆)

顏色: 亮金黃

一開始是pineapple的香..由於未完全退冰, 沒有太多的味道, 略帶酒精的刺激..
之後香味變成水梨皮的香… 味方面是前少甜, 中酸且收的還算漂亮, 尾巴spicy and little sparkling的感覺.. 而中間的酸只集中在舌頭中央.

他跟礦物向的白酒比口感比較重, 但是前面的甜有一點creamy的感覺.. (很像一種叫cream soda的汽水….), 總括來說算是清雅又不失個性. 在整個品酒過程中, 有時在尾韻會有一點點木桶的香味, 如smoky cinnamon或少許vanilla香.

淺嚐Puligny-Montrachet, 尚算合我的口味, 有機會可以試另一個莊園.


Tasting Note
Lemon-coloured in the glass this classic village wine offers the delicate bouquet of a young and fruity wine with floral hints. It is ample and fat in the mouth with fruity flavours complimenting some vegetal notes. It is quite a lively wine for the vintage and is ready to drink although it has great potential for cellaring. Tasted 08/02/05.

Barrel fermented with 100% malolactic fermentation, 8 to 12 months ageing in oak casks (20% new oak).
Home to some of the world’s most extraordinary Chardonnays including the famous Montrachet, Chevalier-Montrachet and Bâtard-Montrachet. The village wines are racy with a bouquet of almonds, fern, hawthorn and peaches. The flavours are rich but steely, a characteristic that often distinguishes them from their neighbours in Meursault and Chassagne.




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